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A Walk Worth Taking

When my husband and I went to Hungary, we knew that our lives would be changed forever.

But we didn't really grasp that it wasn't just the big thing that we went to do that would change us...but the day-to-day life of those 7 weeks would too.

One of the main ways we spent our time, was to go on walks together with our new son.

We walked into town for meals and groceries.

We walked back to the apartment.

We walked to the mall.

We walked to get gelato.

We walked to parks.

We walked to the Embassy.

We walked back to the hotel.

We walked across bridges and up huge hills.

We walked to the Parliament building.

We walked to official government meetings.

We walked to museums and castles.

Each day we walked 6-8 miles.

Over the course of the 7 weeks, we walked about 350 miles total.

We wore out the soles of our shoes and the wheels on stroller.

And between the two of us we lost close to 30 lbs. without even trying.

But the impact of those walks was bigger than that.

During those walks, we connected deeply.

We laughed.

We cried.

We comforted one another.

We processed our day.

We talked about life back home.

We talked about big things, little things, and everything in between.

Then we came home.

And in the blink of an eye, our schedule was full as we jumped back life here with places to be and things to do. Our daily walks were no longer part of our day-to-day life.

Until last week.

It hit us.

We missed our walks.


Before we left for Hungary, we didn't know any different.

But those hours upon hours walking the streets together in Hungary changed us.

Now that we have experienced it, there's no denying it:

The daily connection we made during those walks was something truly valuable.

And we deeply need it.

There's no coming back and continuing on the way we were before - blissfully unaware.

We now know what we were missing.

I think that's what it's like daily seeking the wisdom of God.

It's easy to overlook the value of studying God's word.

It's easy to have a full schedule of places we need to be and things we need to do.

So, we give ourselves an excuse.

A pass for the day not to spend intentional time connecting with God.

But that day turns into another day.

And then another.

Until one day, it hits us.

We miss it.

We not only need it but we long for it and we feel the pull to do something about it.

If you resonate with this message, this isn't about pushing shame or guilt for not doing something you should but aren't.

This is an encouragement.

An encouragement to remember and to take action.

To remember the life-giving value of daily investing in your marriage.

To remember the life-giving value of daily seeking the wisdom of God.

Remember the joy found in deep connection.

And take steps to do just that.

Because this is a walk worth taking.

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