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One of Life's Greatest Privileges

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

"Sing a new song to the LORD! Let the whole Earth sing to the LORD! Sing to the LORD; praise His name. Each day proclaim the good news that He saves. Declare His glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does." - Psalm 96:1-3

History at the most basic level is simply telling the story of people's lives. As Christians, we get the unique opportunity to tell those stories in light of who God is and what He has done. In my opinion, it might be one of the greatest privileges of this life.

In telling our story, we get to take time to look back on and be reminded of God's grace, mercy, and goodness towards us. In other words, sharing our testimony with others brings God back to center stage in our minds.

Are you in the midst of a hard season of life?

Look back at what God has done for you and be encouraged.

Believing lies that you aren't good enough?

Look back at what God has done for you and be encouraged.

Not sure what your future will look like?

Look back at what God has done for you and be encouraged.

We serve a God who draws near to us. He has given each of us a personalized story that reminds us of who He is. When we are faced with hard seasons of life or feelings of inadequacy or unsureness, we don't have to come up with a self propped-up hope and confidence. We can cling to Christ in the midst of it. We can remind ourselves of our first hand knowledge of God's goodness, grace, and mercy to us. We can remind ourselves of His redemption in our lives. Because of who He is and what He has done for us, our hope, our confidence, our purpose, our identity is in Him. Not in ourselves. Not in our abilities. In Him. He is mighty and good and He works in all things.

But it doesn't just stop with us. In the remembering of God's work in our own lives, we find encouragement and hope. We find our hearts filled with awe. And so in sharing that remembrance of Christ's work in our lives with others, we get the joy of also sharing encouragement, hope, and awe. We get the joy of sharing with others, what God Himself has given to us. We get the joy of proclaiming who God is. Each of our stories gives the world and those around us another tangible glimpse of the God of the universe.

And that is one of the greatest privileges of this life.


The Adopted & Redeemed Blog was born out of a desire to share God's story in my life, and to proclaim His truth for all Christians: through Christ , we have been Adopted and Redeemed.

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-Catrina Hull

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