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This is a message worth sharing.

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Through Christ, we have been Adopted & Redeemed.

That's not just a doctrinal or theological concept.

It's a reality that changes everything...


Where we find our Identity and Purpose.

Where our Joy, Hope, and Confidence comes from.

How we interact in our Relationships with others.



this changes evrything

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Catrina's message is powerful - whether read or spoken - and will stir your heart to follow the Lord for the first time or follow Him more closely as you journey through this life. Her unique perspective on life is encouraging and inspiring, delivered in line with God's Truth and His goodness to us all. I encourage you to be encouraged by the messages God gives Catrina. To God be the glory.

- Lynnette Anderson,

Great Adventure Communications/Cypress Christian School Alumni Parent



Catrina is a well-spoken, fervent believer. Her delivery is both informative and insightful... She encouraged me through her testimony that God is faithful and will remain faithful even through difficult and uncertain times.

- Lisa Buras, Youth Leader


Catrina Hull spoke at our day retreat and did a fabulous job. She seamlessly wove her story of adoption from Romania into the Bible’s story of redemption in a way that created powerful word pictures and impacted the hearts of our ladies.  She is theologically sound which satisfies the Biblical scholars in the group and with the use of her dry humor and story telling skills, she connects with the most ADHD in the crowd as well. She has such a genuine spirit that the walls between her and her listeners simply crumble and her words seep right into your heart. It is rare that we have a speaker at an event that has such appeal to all the different people and personalities in our group.

- Amy Booth, Women's Ministry Leader


Catrina's love for God, His Word, and bringing truth to others is inspiring and contagious.

 -Judy Halvorson Holzman, Teacher


As believers in Christ, we all have a testimony to share. Catrina's is unique and powerful. I appreciated that she continually wove scripture throughout her message, pointing toward God in every aspect and giving glory for all He had done. Anyone who invites Catrina to share with their group will be extremely blessed.

- Gretchen Bertuccini,  Women's Ministry Leader


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