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Born For This

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Adopted & Redeemed - Born For This. Purpose

There's something special about watching someone do something that they were born to do. It fills us with awe, excitement, inspiration, encouragement etc.. At the core of who we are as humans, there's a recognition of that "something special" - that spark that a person holds up for the rest of the world. They were clearly born for this and we find joy in getting to see them do it.

You've seen it - you know what I'm talking about.

It's easy to see it in people who are on the world stage, making their mark on history.

People like Simone Biles. Charles Spurgeon. Mozart.

But the majority of us are not going to be those people.

We're just your average person.

Living our daily life.

Doing laundry.

Washing dishes.

Taking care of our family.

And we find ourselves striving for value - to feel like we have something more to offer.

Our seeming "insignificance" constantly being brought around to the forefront of our minds.

The lies bombard us and we sometimes unknowingly create a false humility.

We say things like "I'm nothing special. I'm not irreplaceable. I'm not doing anything important or life changing." As if what we bring to the table isn't really anything special and God can use anybody to fill the "insignificant" void we would leave if we weren't there.

But I question this mindset.

It's true - God could use anybody to do what you are doing.

But He chose you.

He filled your lungs with breath. He gave you your distinct personality. He placed you in the midst of the people and community where He specially wanted you to be. And He provided you with specific talents, passions, and gifts.

When He adopted and redeemed us - it was for a purpose.

He willingly and intentionally paid the price for us.

And He sends us into this world carrying His light, to show others who He is and what He has done in our lives.

Our lives are a testimony to the goodness and power of our God.

The God who works in the midst of the good and the bad.

The God who adopts and redeems.

The God who is over all things and is worthy of our affections.

Each testimony is different - and each one is valuable.

Some happen to be on display for millions to see.

Some happen to be watched carefully by a four year old in the kitchen or laundry room.

That's just how God decided to use each person.

And there is great value in both.

I don't think that there's any coincidence that as humans we have this innate understanding of "you were born for this", and when we are saved we are "born again". We were born again - for a purpose: to know and glorify our God and Father. To show others who He is and what He has done. And when others see our lives, they should look at us, catch a spark of what we have, and say "they were born for this." Our very being is noticibly enlivened by, dominated by, and motivated by our purpose being lived out.

As believers, we get the opportunity to use each uniquely special talent, passion, personality, and gift that God has given us to point others to Him. Humility isn't falsely seeing yourself as insignificant. It's an honest recognition of giving credit where credit is due. It's faithfully using what you have while making much of someone else. For believers, that someone else is God.

Matthew 5:16

"Let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."

Your life has value and your life matters.

Because the God of the universe chose you to live it.

For a purpose.

A purpose which He authored specifically for you.

So whether you are daily on the world stage or in the laundry room - boldly use the gifts, passions, personality, and talents that the Lord has given you in order to point others to Him!

Afterall - you were born for this.


The Adopted & Redeemed Blog was born out of a desire to share God's story in my life, and to proclaim His truth for all Christians: through Christ, we have been Adopted and Redeemed.

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-Catrina Hull


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