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Hope In the Midst of COVID 19

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

It's March 2020. The Coronavirus Virus has become a global pandemic and brought about unprecedented protective measures around the world. Schools, businesses and churches alike are finding themselves in a quandary as they attempt to navigate these unknown waters.

We all seem to be asking the same question:

How do we live life in the midst of COVID 19?

It's easy to let panic, anxiety, and fear run rampant and overwhelm our days.

It's easy to be in denial about all of it and act as if this isn't something serious - that it's all just media hype.

But the truth is - letting panic, anxiety, and fear run rampant won't help us and neither will denial.

So what are we supposed to do?

Romans 12:12 tells us this:

"Be joyful in hope. Patient in affliction. Faithful in prayer".

What if we filled our days with that?

Hope. Patience. Prayer.

As we interact with people on social media and those around us - let's spread joy in hope, patience in affliction, and faithfulness in prayer. Our God is in complete control and He works in the good and the bad. He never leaves us and never forsakes us. His promises are completely trustworthy. We serve the God who sees the big picture that we can't. The God who redeems. The God who listens and cares about all the things that concern us.

And that brings us hope in the midst.

Reminding ourselves and those around us of who our God is...of His compassion...of His trustworthiness...of the hope He brings - is perhaps one of the best things we could do.

Let's share that hope with anyone and everyone we can because God knows - we all need it.

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